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Change IP address?

I installed Wowza Streaming Engine on my AWS instance, and I have Lamp running on it and serving a web site. I only have 1 ip assigned to the EC2 instance at this time.

When I look in the WSE admin, the IP it shows is not the ip to my site. If I do http://[my-actual-ip]:1935 I see the confirmation, but if I do the IP it shows ( I do not get the confirmation.

  1. How do I change the IP to my current one?

  2. Wil I have an issue using only one IP, or do I need to assign a IP just for WSE?


Hi Brian,

IP/port combinations have to be unique, so one IP/Port combo for Wowza, and a different IP/Port combo for LAMP. By default Wowza will bind to all IP’s that are available. To override this you can configure your VHost.xml

file to use a specified IP. In your VHost.xml file change:




You will need to change this for all the host ports setup in your VHost.xml file.


Thanks for the quick reply. Can I use the same ip as I am using for the website?



(I think this is how it is now on my older Wowza Media Server that is not AWS).

@BrianPss - Yes since your website runs on port 80 (http://) or 443 (https://) and WSE runs on port 8088.

How can I access and control the remote server meaning not from my Internet and not from the same Internet which in the same server I want remote control
I do not have access to the real server, but when I set up my IP which is the same router I can access the server
For information I have

wowza engine

can control and log on to Wowza stream engine only from this IP
But since I do not have a real IP address I can not access it, so I’ve installed the Wowza stream engine on the MacBook
Because I want to control it remotely
thank you