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Change playbackspeed


my customers (students) want to speed up watching the videos (lecture recordings) from our wowza server.

Is it possible to implement this feature with wowza - maybe with an addon?



PS: Yes, we could upload the videos with different playback speeds and switch dynamically between them, but that is no option for us

Hi Treb,

I think what you’re referring to is what we call trickplay. This is possible via certain players like in my link, but has limitations, the main one being it must be an FLV-encoded file.



Hi Paul,

thanks for the link. That´s not exactly what I am looking for, trickplay seems to be more like fastforward from old video tapes (no audio). I also need audio, even if there is some audio pitch due to the speed increase. Do you know for example the podcast app from iOS? You can speed up the playback speed of video files. If you listen to a lecture you can normally increase the speed to 150% and still understand everything. Ok, the increase is done by the app - but that would be a nice feature for a streaming server as well.

Best regards,


PS: Besides: Our lectures are not flv but h264-mp4