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Change Wowza Streaming Engine Manager port from default 8088?

How do I change the port used by the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager? I couldn’t find any documentation for this, though I note that there is a conf file for it.



On the server running your Wowza Streaming Engine Manager UI, open the [wowza-install]/manager/bin/ file if it’s a Linux based OS, or [wowza-install]/manager/bin/startmgr.bat on a Windows machine.

In the code caprt where the Java configuration parameters are set, you will find this parameter: –httpPort=8088. You can change the port 8088 with a different port number. Please make sure that the new port you are using is not already being used by a different service that is running on your machine.

You will need to restart the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager service in order for the changes to be applied.