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Changing Default Admin port from 8086

Changing Default Admin port from 8086 to 8087 ruined our stats for a live event.

Nothing was reported.

You guys have a major bug there.

We should be able to change admin port 8086, since it conflicts, in our particular case, with another application.

And, yes, now that we don’t trust your option to change port anymore we’ll have to change port for our other application.

Thoughts, ideas, solutions?

Hi skynet,

Port 8087, if you are using Wowza version 4, is also used by the REST Interface. If changing admin ports, it is best to use a port that is not used by Wowza or any other services. You can run a netstat command to determine what ports are currently being used so that you can select one that is free. If you continue to have issues, do send us your conf/ and logs/ so that we can further investigate.