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Changing log file folder problem

When I change location for the log files in the Enginemanager GUI cannot find any log files to display.

New log folder like:




Using Wowza Streaming Engine 4.1.1 build13180 on Windows Server.

What more do I have to do to make logfiles show up in the GUI?



That should work, but make sure you restart both of the Wowza Streaming Engine services, and ensure that entries are being written to the new location.

If the new location is a network drive, make sure that the Wowza services have access to the share (you may have to add a login user to the services if there are insufficient privileges).


All services are restarted, logfiles are written, the folder is not on a network share it’s on a local disk, permission is ok.

Still nothing to show in the GUI in Server, Logs.

Ok, thank you.



I did check on this and, at least currently, the logs are only read from [install-dir]/logs and therefore the entries are ignored.

So what’s probably happening in your case is based on the logs get written to one place, but the log viewer expects the logs in the default location.

If you’ve already moved the logs then obviously they will not be found.