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Check the ip address of the client by log

I’d like to check the ip address of the client by log. What should I do?

You could get this info through an HTTP provider:

You can view statistical data supplied by the following built-in HTTP providers (found in /conf/VHost.xml in a web browser:

HTTPServerInfoXML - (com.wowza.wms.http.HTTPServerInfoXML)
Returns detailed server and connection information in XML format and is available through administrative port 8086 (http://[wowza-ip-address]:8086/serverinfo).

To add to @Rose_Power-Wowza_Com you can also access the IP address of a client for any purpose you can also use the java API and then you can use it in anyway… See the analytics module on GitHub /WowzaMediaSystems/wse-plugin-analytics/blob/main/src/com/wowza/wms/plugin/ (Pardon if this is not what you were looking for :slightly_smiling_face:)

thanks for answer it’s work

Glad it helped you out!!