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chrome autoplay

is there any way to start autoplay on chrome? some players seem capable, please check

thank you any ideas will be really appreciated.

I too would like to know this. There’s an “autoplay:True” option in the player builder/options but it doesn’t work anymore due to what Wowza says is a change in the way browsers are handling autoplaying videos. So even though you can select “true” for autoplay in the builder it doesn’t do anything.

This seems like a pretty big deal to remove this functionality doesn’t it?

I saw a Wowza response that it was “beyond their control” but JWPlayer 8 autoplay still works fine. I’d prefer to do everything with Wowza but obviously I need this to work. So, what’s a workaround to get live streams autoplaying in Wowza Player?


Thanks for contacting the Wowza Community!

The Wowza player latest release had the auto play feature disabled:

This information can also be found here:

You can possible use a older version of the player, but you will not be able to take advantage of the latest features of the player. Here is how to use an older version of the player:

Hope this helps.


thank you Jermaine.