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Chrome/Smartphone etc "Tis live event has been ended

Hi Friends,

I have installed my Wowza Media Server to a new server, i am from Windows Server now on Linux (CentOS 8) everything works exept 1 stream.

I am using Wowza for my IP Camera’s, all streams works good, exept 1. The problem is, on chrome, firefox, smartphone etc. u see error “This live event has been ended” and on Edge the stream works.

What can be the problem guys? It’s only on 1 stream.


@Jay Sajid why the other streams/cams works and have not this issue. Same when i am test the stream in Wowza Player Builder.

@Jay Sajid i am using Wowza Streaming Engine on my own linux server in datacenter, i have 14 live camera’s. (

In my Wowza i have setup the RTSP stream from my IP cameras and it’s restreaming to Wowza.

I am using Wowza 5 years, on my Windows Server and now on Linux server. And now i have with 1 camera the problem with the error “Event has been ended” only on chrome/firefox etc.

@Jay Sajid I am not using Vidizmo? I am using Wowza Player.

@Wiebe Veenstra can you please submit a support ticket?

Done! Hope u van help me

Thank you! We will take a look and see if we need more information to help you through this.

This is being resolved in ticket 342487.

Jason Hilton
Wowza Support Engineer

Thanks Jason!