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Clearcaster UI graphics on PGM output via HDMI

I’d like to have the option to adjust the UI graphic elements the Clearcaster displays on top of the PGM feed on the monitor output via HDMI. It would be awesome if I could do a clean output, or make the Clearcaster graphics much smaller. I would ideally be able to use the HDMI output as a true PGM monitor, but the translucent black bar obstructs many of my lower thirds and other graphics making it difficult to see my show. Is it possible to adjust this, or is this feature on the roadmap?

In my use case I’m using HTML overlay graphics via the “custom graphics” option, so it would be helpful if I could see what these graphics look like on the PGM output from the Clearcaster. Also, with this workflow it would be useful to output a clean PGM feed with HTML custom graphics into a ProRes recorder so I can get a clean PGM recording with graphics.

Hi Richard, it looks like you are attempting to use the engineering output from a broadcast, as the clean “confidence head” to preview your graphics workflow. We don’t offer this functionality currently in ClearCaster, I would recommend using preview modes of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. to preview the graphics and final encoder quality, this way you can also make changes to the encoding bitrate as required based on the content you are streaming and associated graphics.