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Hi All, we have 2 encoders Wowza Clearcaster. In one we have the version (updated some weeks ago), in the other ones we have the version (updated last week). We know that the version is wrong (officialy doesn’t exist) but we can’t do the “rolling back” to the correct version (see the attached file). Could you help us in order to find the correct procedure to solve the situation?

I’ve asked tech support to take a look at this for you, but you may get a faster response by contacting tech support directly through your 24/7 phone/ticket/chat support you get with ClearCaster.


Can you submit a support ticket here if you haven’t already:

We want to obtain the serial number for this CLearCaster so we can review and assist you but want ot carry out that data collection in a ticket as opposed to here in the forums.

Thanks in advance,

Jason Hatchett
Technical Support Supervisor – Wowza Media Systems