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Cloud Low latency Token Authentication

Is it possible to secure a Cloud Ultra Low Latency stream for some users?

Seems like Fastly CDN has some kind of Token Authentication, but can’t see it’s possible to use on ULL (sub 10 seconds)?

Hi @Anders Gunnarsson, that is correct. Currently we don’t support Token Auth with the ULL stream. You could add Token Auth to the HLS failover but that likely isn’t what you’re looking for since HLS fallback will mean 8-10 seconds of latency.

Since we randomize the stream names and generate a different output name from the ingest name I suspect the concern is viewers giving it to others to see? Ultimately, ULL is only playable either in the Wowza ULL Player where you create the embed code or through the SDK Player app you create. So, how you expose the wss:// playback url should cover your needs.

Also, just making sure that you know that here at Wowza we announced plans to sunset ULL, Wowza Player and the SDK. You may already know that but just making sure.

You best option at this point for low latency streaming that is secure is WebRTC to WebRTC available through Streaming Engine, not yet in Cloud. Hope this helps clarify your options.