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Cloud Technical Support - Pearson Vue Test

Gonna try and make this short.
I tried taking the Comptia Network + 10-007 Test Online.
Testing failed because I could not connect to “”
While there are a few factors that could be the cause of this , Id like to rule out if wowza is compatible with my old PC (2012 HP Elitebook 8560w) or how to rule out wowza firewall/admin stuff I missed.

To note I do not have a paid subscription so I cant go straight to technical support. So I appreciate any and all help**

Hello @Rodney_Smithson you are still able to submit a support ticket on a trial. I woud say that because Cloud is built on Engine, you should be able to go off the Engine specs that I will post here:

We can certainly take a look and test for firewalls in a ticket, but the most important thing to check would be the OS and browser versions because due to security vulnerabilities, we can no longer support certain versions.

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Also, I would add that Pearson is one of our biggest customers and upon checking, I have no reports of any issues for video playback, so I suggest you try on a device with a newer OS.

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