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Cloudflare ssl and iis

Hi all

How can I use ssl stream in iis 10 and cloudflare ssl?
my goal is to set iframe player in cloudflare ssl site.


Hello @Yoni_Mani

You can do this and you will need to configure SSL on your Wowza Streaming Engine streams as well. Many modern browsers do not allow page elements that are not secure if the page itself is accessed over SSL.

You can request a free Streamlock certificate with your Wowza subscription/paid license.

This will allow you to configure an SSL playback URL that you can then use as your player embed code. Wowza would provide you with the url. The playback URL that you will use would be similar to:

Note that the domain name ( must match the Streamlock certificate that you receive from Wowza. You can still use your CloudFlare SSL certificate for your host site where you have your embed code, but your playback URL would use the above playback URL.

If you require any assistance in setting this up, you can submit a support ticket and an engineer will work with you directly.

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I has a trial key. streamlock will not work?

I configured a streamlock but it doesn’t work probably because 443 port colision with iis.
maybe need to define something i the iis?

  • You can use Streamlock with a trial.
  • You don’t have to use port 443 if it’s in use already for something else or there is a network/firewall issue. But you would need to specify what port you will use:
  • Can you try an unused port such as 8443 or 9443 instead of 443?
  • Also please share what error you are getting in the logs please.

The setup is the same with the one for 443. You only need to replace 443 with 8443 or 9443.
Please make sure that port is open.

Here is our documentation to set up SSL port:

Here is a full video tutorial for how to configure an SSL StreamLock certifcate in case you didn’t set it up correctly as far the url.

If you are still having a problem, please send conf/ and logs/ after restarting Wowza Streaming Engine through a support ticket. Click Support at the top of this webpage. You can still submit a ticket on a trial license.