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Code Signing Issue - iOS GoCoder

When I attempt to build my iOS app for a test deployment I get the error message:

Error Domain=IDEDistributionPipelineErrorDomain Code=0 "Code signing "WowzaGoCoderSDK.framework" failed." UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Code signing "WowzaGoCoderSDK.framework" failed., NSLocalizedRecoverySuggestion=View distribution logs for more information.}

It’s some sort of problem with signing the code. When I look at the logs the only other piece of information is:

2018-11-17 07:05:43 +0000  /var/folders/fd/gwz91rvn2j5gy6yg1cx5nxz00000gn/T/XcodeDistPipeline.5Gv/Root/Payload/ code object is not signed at all

Has anyone ever run into a problem like this? Any ideas for solutions? I’ve tried everything I can find on the subject and still, no matter how I attempt to build the .ipa, this is the error I get.

I figured it out. This is something that happens if you miss the build phase step for running the shell script in the framework. If you run into this, make to have that all set up.

Really appreciate you sharing this with the community @Carl Benson.