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Combine two live input audio/video streams into one audio output


I have two live input streams with video and audio track each. I want to combine them in one output stream to record it as a conversation (audio has priority, video - not).

I’ve seen multiple similar questions around, but they are all outdated. Are there any news on the topic?


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Can you review this article?

This may or may not be of some help for your particular workflow.



Thank you for the response. I am not sure if the article can help in my situation. I do not provide multiple separate audio streams to the user (for language selection, etc.). I have multiple participants in an audio-video connection (with one audio-video stream per participant) and want to record their conversation in on audio file. Post-processing of multiple audio tracks into one is also not an option, since every participant might join the conversation at different time and have connection interruptions as well.

I also tried to extend the videochat app (provided in examples of the trial engine version) with the avMix module.

I expected that if I define axMixNames prop as “outputName: myOutput, videoName: myVideo, audioName: myAudio” and start-publish a stream named myVideo, then a stream “myOutput” would exist and would be play-able in the second chat video. However, “failed to play outputStream; stream not found” was all I got. What did I do wrong?

Were you able to find any resolution to this? I also have the same case now, I need to generate a final signal with the chat participants.

Any update?

Unfortunately, no good news. Figured out that avMix is not an option to combine 2 streams of the same type (f.e. 2 video or 2 audio). You can only compose 1 video + 1 audio together. Overall, after frustrating experience with the streaming engine, I had to search for solution not connected with wowza at all.