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compatibility problems with different browsers


I use JWplayer for reader videos.

My reader reads files smil.

On PC and iOS I have no problem but with Android I have problems.

this is my code :


playlist: [{

sources: [{

file: “http://ip:1935/application/smil:video.smil/jwplayer.smil


file: “rtsp://ip:1935/application/smil:video.smil/playlist.m3u8”



height: 360,

primary: “flash”,

width: 640



Hi there,

From what I understand if the Android device supports cupertino streaming (Apple HLS) then it will work fine with the JW Player.

However JW Player does not support streaming over RTSP which means if you’re using an older version of Android OS it will not work.

Android devices adopted cupertino streaming in version 4.0.

You can add RTSP fallback for older Android devices by adding a link to the RTSP stream in the JW Player code. Here is a post with code for JW Player with RTSP fallback for reference:

RTSP fallback in JW Player

I hope you find this helpful, please let us know if you need any other assistance.


I used the code provided in the link and it works using an RTSP link. It’s a shame not to use the multi-stream but it’s better than nothing.

By cons I encounter a slight bug with Safari on Mac. When I want to put the player in full screen there is a black bar that appears on the left of the player and I can not change video quality manually.

With other browsers I have not encountered any problems.