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Competing source feeds

We are using the REST API to reconfigure stream targets by modifying their source feeds so that they can show different streams.

Rarely, a stream target will enter a state where it is being sent two competing source feeds at once, resulting in a confused decoder (which is able to switch, awkwardly, to show frames from both streams at irregular intervals).

I cannot find any irregularities in the “live” application’s configuration files on the server. Resetting the source feeds does not help. Restarting the decoder does not help. Restarting the “live” application does seem to help, but the source feeds must then be manually reconnected.

Can anyone suggest a solution, or perhaps some more troubleshooting steps? We are still working on reproducing this issue more reliably.

Hello @Rajen Patel, I just wanted to let you know that I am following your support ticket that you submitted. I’m sorry you’re having this issue and hope it’s resolved quickly with our engineers.

I see that Mac Hill is currently waiting for you to respond to your ticket, so I wanted to make sure you’re getting the emails, sometimes they go to spam box.