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Configure a host port to use the certificate

The documentation found here: is not accurate.

In the section for:

Configure a host port to use the certificate

Now, configure Wowza Streaming Engine to use the certificate.

  1. Navigate to [install-dir]/conf/ and open VHost.xml file in a text editor
  2. Uncomment the definition for port 443, which follows the comment in the file.
    Be sure to remove the comment before and after .
  3. Set the **<**SSLConfig>/ to:
  4. Set the SSLConfig/KeyStorePassword to the keystore password entered above.
  5. Restart Wowza Streaming Engine.

Line 2 is not current for build: 4.8.5 (build 20200616153358)

Is there a newer document for this? Here is a copy of the VHost.xml file

Simply copy/paste the Default Streaming hostport; rename it (e.g. “My Secure Streaming” in the tag) and change the port number to 443 in the tag. Then right above add the tag


Edit: See @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager’s answer and carefully read the documentation on how to configure SSL in 4.8.5

Update: Thanks @Robert Sexton for that feedback. You don’t need to do step 2 in the latest release 4.8.5 IF you configured port 443 in the Engine Manager first. Any change you make in the Manager will automatically adjust the xml files. I just requested that the docs team update that article today to make this more clear.

So, to clarify:

A. If you configure WebRTC for the first time directly in the XML, you will need to follow STEP 2.

B. if you configured WebRTC first in the Engine Manager, then you do not need to go into the xml and do Step 2. It will already be done.

Thanks again and sorry for the confusion.