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Configure an RTP jitter buffer and packet loss logging (RTP/MPEG-TS over RTP)

hi Richard,

Glad news…the problem was now resolved…:slight_smile:

As u said the problem was with my flowplayer configuration…Actually in the flow player configuration i used the url for the stream as url: ‘vlc’ (vlc is the name of my live stream). This was the problem…I had to use the url as url: ‘flv:vlc’…When I corrected and added the flv prefix it got worked…(So my observation is it is only needed when we are using a liverepeater stream)…If we are doing only a live stream the ‘flv’ prefix is not needed…atleast in my case…)…

I have also configured jw player as u suggested…and it also got worked…Here I have used the SWFObject method to embed the player…But our forum mainy concentrates

on object/embed method which is not the recommended method…So I am publishing my configuration and observations…here…

This is my configuration…

This text will be replaced.

And my observations are(atleast worked for me)

1)It is not needed to specify the provider…

(in case if u need u can add so.addVariable(‘provider’,‘rtmp’);


2)Redirection is working without the loadbalancing specification No need to add so.addVariable(‘rtmp.loadbalance’, ‘true’);

Thank you for your sound support,…Richard,

Jaseer TK


I just want to know one thing…In Normal clustering the nodes in the cluster communicate each other by using private ip address (I mean private inside the cluster)…and communicate with public using public ip’s…My question is, is there any facility with wowza to do like this in load balancing…because if the load balancer communicates with edge servers (in each 2.5 sec) using those public ip’s will reduce the band width… that can be used by clients for more efficiency…


Some portals like Justin TV allows clients to publish their own video (eg webcam output for video chating) without having a particular encoder on the client side…but by using the flash application provided in the portal of the stream server…

Can we do the same in Wowza server…? And how…? Will that need configuration in the wowza server side or in the flash application…?