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Configure multicast MPEG-TS input with several audio only streams in the same IP:port

We have an encoder outputting several radio (audio only) streams in a single multicast MPEGTS sharing the IP:port combo.

I’m trying to configure individual radio streams in Wowza from this multicast stream, without sucess, so far.

I’m able to tcpdump the radio streams and then I was able to use Wireshark to extract the MPEG-TS streams and listen to them.

I’m using v4.7 on RHEL 6.8.

I followed these guides, for the specific issues of configuring multicast streams and selecting individual mpeg-ts streams.

I tried to attach the relevant configuration files with no luck.

edit: already was able to upload the config files to the main post.


To help anyone in similar situation.

You should create a .stream file under your application name with the following configurations, according to your origin encoder/source:

uri : “udp://”,
mpegtsVideoIsAligned : “true”,
mpegtsProgramID : “000”,
mpegtsAudioPID : “0x111”,
mpegtsAudioBitrate : “96000”

Check your .stream file under your UI on the “incoming streams” and validate if it’s receiving data.

Then you can use the rtmp or http url on a player to check out if streaming PID is the correct one.