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Configure origin repeater url and packetizer

Hi there I am working with a custom module which seems to be setting a repeater path but then for some reason initiating an rtmp stream from the origin. I believe wowza would do this internally correct ? ie


Also within the play method

public void play

its trying to setup the rtmpstream also ?

I believe by doing this its causing the origin to lose connection and the HLS to drop out.

Creating the rtmp stream here is not necessary I think correct ?

Also regarding to the HLS packetizer if I set it to the repeater packetizer


cupertinostreamingrepeater, smoothstreamingrepeater, sanjosestreamingrepeater, mpegdashstreamingrepeater

Is this being done on the edge server or from the origin ? I presume it would be happening on the edge server.

So when the application starts up if I simply just manage dynamically the original server url with authentication as a query string, wowza should handle the rest correct, no requirement to try and start an rtmp stream from the origin ?



Hopefully this isn’t confusing thanks.


While I’m not 100% clear on the problem(s) you are having, I’ve attempted to address your concerns below:


If you are just trying to initiate a connection via stream file, I’d recommend using the following api.

public void play

This event handler will be invoked when a rtmp playback connection is initiated. I’m not sure what you are doing in the handler but it shouldn’t inhibit the existing stream. I’d wonder if you are being sure to execute the invokePrevious(this, client, function, params) method after you’ve completed your business logic there.


The repeaters are necessary for a liverepeater-edge application type. So you can identify the origin via the OriginURL element within your application.xml or can extend functionality further by using the IMediaStreamNameAliasProvider2 interface.