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Configuring stream for iOS devices

I just bought a Haivision Barracuda and setup a high/low stream for our live flash video player. I also want to configure a stream for iOS devices coming from wowza. I already have setup a working iOS application and config file I just don’t know what the url needs to be to receive the stream on an iphone or ipad.

When I setup my Flash Player to take the stream coming from the wowza I had to use udp:// in the “file” parameter of my flash player. When I used this address in the iOS streaming url it didn’t work.

How do I utilize the stream from the barracuda that I am sending to the Wowza service to be able to be used on an iPad/iPhone.

Put the udp url in a .stream file in the content folder. For example:


Then start “” in streamManager and in the playlist.m3u8 url for stream name.


Thanks Richard worked perfectly!