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Configuring Wowza for SRT Listner


i have Problems to setup the Wowza Server as a SRT Listner. I configured everything like explained in the Howtos but i get always an Unknown action: connect Error when i try to connect to the Stream.

Does anybody know what could be wrong?

I have the same issue since update to 4.7.3.

+1. Only Caller mode appears to be working.

Hello @Thomas Augustin and @Martin Simons,

This forum is called “Hire a Consultant”, and meant for inquiries for paid support from authorized (external) consultants. If you’re looking for support from Wowza, you may post your question in, or join the Slack community ( You may also send an email to (see for more information)

If you want to hire a consultant to help you find a solution, don’t hesitate to drop me an email.


Karel Boek

Hi, I’m facing issue while configuring wowza server for SRT listener. I have 4.7.5. Please suggest.

As mentioned above, the Hire A Consultant forum is for paid support from an external consultant @Rajesh Sharma.

You need to post in the regular Streaming Engine space please and provide more details of your issue. Thank you

I`m having the same error !