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Connect flowplayer to live rtmp .sdp stream

Having trouble trying to set up flowplayer to connect to a wowza live stream.

flowplayer(“player”, “…/flowplayer-3.2.7.swf”,


clip: {

live: true,

url: ‘myStream’,

provider: ‘rtmp’,


plugins: {

rtmp: {

url: ‘…/flowplayer.rtmp-3.2.12.swf’,

netConnectionUrl: ‘rtmp://x.x.x.x/live’





When running Wowza there is no record of flowplayer trying to connect to wowza. Any ideas?

See if you are able to reach Wowza from the machine you are testing the player by opening this url in a browser:


You should see the Wowza version and Build number displayed. If not, and Wowza is running at that address, then TCP port 1935 is blocked. You have to allow in your firewall and if behind a NAT or connected to a router you have to map that port to the Wowza server. For routers you do port forwarding, and you can find instruction for most routers at


I can get to that page from the web server. The web server and wowza are on different vlans on the internal network.

So i figured out why it wasn’t showing had the wrong version of flowplayer listed when i called the flowplayer. Now i can go the site and stream it internally, but am not able to view it externally. Is that a port issue going out from the web server and if so would it be the same port 1935?