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Connect Streaming Cloud Feed to Scheduled Facebook Live?

Is it possible to have your Wowza Streaming Cloud feed hit a pre-scheduled Facebook Live? Currently all our Wowza feeds create a new post when they hit Facebook.

I’ve explored this forum, and tried setting up an RTMP feed from Wowza to my existing FB live video (stream key and such), but it didn’t work. It works just fine setting it up that way to hit a prescheduled YouTube Live, but sop far we can’t get it to work for prescheduled Facebook Live videos. We are missing out on major opportunities to pre-market our video events if we don’t have prescheduled video posts to share.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

This a great question and I’m happy to explain @Joe_Prosperi.

FB is known for making a lot of unannounced changes with their API, you should know that first of all. But a change was made for 2020/2021 where FB will always provide two different links: one to schedule & promote the stream (only a week in advance) and then a second post for the actual live stream. This caused some confusion for some FB users and is definitely not a Wowza issue. I saw some FB users say they go in and remove the promotional post and replace it with the live stream post when event starts, so there’s just one. Not ideal I know. :frowning:

If you google 'schedule a stream in FB", you will see some articles and even this streaming expert video explaining the change was helpful:

NEW PROCESS FOR 2020 / 2021!!! How to schedule and promote a Facebook Live stream - everything you need to know!

We can assist with sending the stream to FB live from Wowza and help with bitrates and things like that, but as far as how they boost and allow posts/ streams, that is outside our scope.

I do hope what I shared was helpful though and we certainly do understand the need to schedule and promote a stream with little confusion to your viewers. Hope you get it working the best way possible!

If you’re still having an issue just getting your stream from Cloud to FB at all, here’s a video tutorial that may help with the setup to FB ( ignore the simulcast part, it’ll show the steps to get it to FB live.)

You’ll need to send a support ticket after that if you’d like us to debug should you still have issues getting a FB stream running at all from Cloud- it could be your FB keys.

Keep in mind these FB requirements as well!