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Connect to Google Analytics

Hi everyone,

I follow this tutorial in order to get event in google analytics:
Also I create a google analytics account, create a web stream and thanks to that I get a tracking code that I set as custom property in my wowza application.

Thanks to the debuging logs, I can see that Wowza is successfully sending logs to Google Analytics:

Wowzalytics URL http:// www. google-analytics. com/__utm.gif?utmdt=SAMPLE.smil)&utmwv=4.4sh&utmn=8134840922&utmhn=MYWEBSITE. COM&utmr=&utmp=%2Fnull%2Fvod/definst%2FSAMPLE.smil&utmac=G-XXXXXXXXX&utmcc=__utma%3D1151400699.1151400699.1151400699.1151400699.1151400699.1151400699%3B&utmvid=4ea5a0fe0eba0475&utmip= Success

Anyone now how to setup Goggle anlytics properly in order to acces logs from Wowza?

In advance thanks,


Are you trying to send statistics to google analytics or are you sending logs ? Sorry it’s not clear so asking again. Also did you follow up using the module example in GitHub ?


I’m trying to send statistics to google analytics ( number of viewers, number of view per video…)

In order to do that, I have added and enabled this module :, following the associated Wowza documentation.

Thanks for your time,


I haven’t worked with the new google analytics for long. Possibly there might be incompatibility in the older java code and newer GA.

If you wish to keep moving regardless I suggest an alternate approach. Send statistics from wowza app to different application server like PHPnor whatever. From there communicate with google analytics using its own official library and record the data. It will be much easier to ha file once it is out of the plugin.

Hi Connessione,

Thanks for your answer, I will try your suggested solution.

Best regards and thanks again

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