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Connect to the Managment consolve over HTTPS


I need to be to connect to the Management console over HTTPS. So instead of http://{hostname] I need to connect with HTTPS://{hostname}


  • Wowza Streaming Engine Manager Version - 4.6.0 (build 19395)

  • Windows Server 2012 Standard x64

  • Commercial signed SSL Wildcard Certificate

I have followed most of the instructions noted here - . I say most because when I make it to the section Configure a to use the certificate, the section that is referenced in the [install-dir]/conf/VHost.xml file does not exist. It appears I was able to import the certificate successfully to the keystore but am unable to get the host to bind it to 443.

I have also reviewed the article,, which outlines How to connect to Wowza Streaming Engine Manager over HTTPS. The problem with that is it uses the Wowza StreamLock, which I am not using nor plan to.

Again, I am trying to connect the Management interface over 443/HTTPS without using the Wowza StreamLock service.


Thanks for contacting Wowza Forums!

For the link provided, there is a note that says you have the option of using the StreamLock service or your own.

Note: You can use SSL certificates provided by Wowza StreamLock™ or from an SSL certificate authority. For more information about Wowza StreamLock, see How to get SSL certificates from the StreamLock service.

Hope this helps.