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Connect VOD application with Wowza CDN


We are a VOD service provider and would like to understand can we use Wowza CDN with VOD application (WSE application)

I can see a guide for Wowza cdn + Live application but nothing for our use case.

For VOD + CDN we are looking at cloudfront if its not available with Wowza.



I have the same question. I have my VOD assets on WSE Engine and I want to deliver those assets via Wowza CDN (I don’t care if it’s Fastly or Akamai).

I couldn’t find any way to do this.

Should I contact Fastly (or Akamai) directly and ask them for a quote ?



No answers here ? I guess this is not supported. I’m going to buy CDN vod support directly from Amazon or Fastly

Sorry nobody answered you here in the community @Mark Clevelland and I was out on PTO and catching up here today. Yes, you can stream VOD from Engine to a CDN and you would need to do that one of two ways:

  1. Add Wowza CDN to your Engine account. A fast an affordable pay as you go option. It streams to Akamai through the Wowza CDN. More info on the Wowza CDN add-on here.

You can set up your Engine as the origin server and the CDN as thee edge server. More info on how to so that here in this doc.

  1. Another way to accomplish this is to set up a stream target in Engine and send it to Cloud which will also use Akamai as the default but can be changed to Fastly. Cloud will see the source stream as Engine.

As you may already know, you cannot simply go into Cloud directly and stream VOD, but we will support that in the near future.

Lastly, you may have already tried this, but please know that if you do not get a reply right away from a member of the community, you can type your question in the search bar above or in website search bar on wowza and related forum questions and answers/docs to this may be found. Not always, but worth a try. Sorry again you had to wait for an answer!

Here is an example:

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