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Connection failed: Over license connection limit.


I got this message from my ec2 wowza instance: “Connection failed: Over license connection limit.”

It’s like there is no license installed. :confused:

Here is what i did:

I started a wowza-ami on ec2 > installed Apache and mysql > Configured some other things > Build my own AMI so i can start a preconfigured Wowza instance at any time…

Can building my own AMI break the license? What can i do to fix i?

Thx for reading…


Then you may be OK. Be sure the that the conf/Server.license file has the correct key. It should work now. See if when you start the AMI that in the log files it says the number of connections in unlimited.


Follow these instructions and it should work:


Actually, this is more up to date, official:


Hi Richard,

I searched the forum but missed that post.

Thx for your very quick reply…


It’s not working out getting the license to work…

I keep getting this error when applying step 6 of your link.

  • ec2-modify-image-attribute [AMI-ID] --product-code 8ED157F9

Output in terminal:

Client.InvalidParameterCombination: This ami already has an attached product code.

Where do I go wrong?



Since i use an original Wowza AMI as my base AMI, my AMI should take over the product code. Right?

Indeed the wrong license was installed. My mistake, I forgot I replaced the whole conf dir when I moved stuff from localhost to the wowza instance.

Today for the first time I connected more then a couple of clients to the sever.

Was running on a 10 client license all along.

Thx for your help,


I’m glad I found that a wowza ec2 instance can run another linux distro.