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Connection stats -edit

Is there a way to edit the connection stats? In my life there’s one really drastic count; 11,000+ connections. We typically do 100 idk what that count was, probably some glitch, but that count throws off the scale for all of my charts. I can’t get any meaningful stats because that one data point throws off the actual averages for the rest of the data set.

Any suggestions on how to remove one day from the logs between two dates?


Wowza stores statistics (if enabled) in binary DB files and they are not editable as such. They are used for the online realtime monitoring.

If you are using a log parser to create your own report then you should find that each day has its own log file normally. So you could remove that day’s file, which is a crude but simple way to remove any stats that you think are an anomaly. If the logfile contains more than a day’s worth of entries then again these could be stripped from the file quite easily (each line is date stamped). Personally I’d investigate why there was such a huge spike and aim to resolve that. If it is just reporting connections then maybe something external was connecting but not streaming, similar to a DOS style attack?