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Consultan needed for set a On demand publish from a multicast ingest.

Detailed description of work request:

The Goal is work out this scenario :

I have about 200 streams of MPEGTS in a Multicast , each one defined on a .stream file on the content Folder,

but i can’t add them all to startupStreams, because the server can’t handle all that simultanious,

which is total about 700Mbs of MultiCast data, so we migth need to Publish the MultiCast Data on Demand,

in order to publish only the requested MultiCast Stream at a time , and then realease when user disconect.

I need to get that scenario runing, actually we dont know wich one the best method to do it , so we need a help on

this since we are stuck rigth now.


contact at

Operating System in use : windows 8.1

Additional Software/Network/Integration requirements

Timescales/Delivery date : ASAP

Budget: please specific the what will cost to get this going

I’ll contact you, however leaving my email just in case: