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Consultant for new server for audio/video streaming with transcoding

Hi im Alexis from Panama from the company DBS Network, S.A., we are a audio streaming company we use mediacp (cast control) as admin panel plus wowza engine server. Works perfect in our server but we now would like to sell video streaming with adaptive bitrate, i know we need to use transcoder i already made some tests but i think we need a new server. Or i dont know if AWS could work for us, currently we have a server with 32gb ddr4 ram - E5-1620 v3 - 1gbps uplink.

I need a consultant that can guide us in what we need to buy to offer in one server both audio and video streaming with transcoding (720p, 480p, 240p as example for video) for video we dont have many clients, but we need to offer a very good solution.

thank you

For history:

Alexis has contacted me on Skype and I’m working on his task.

Leaving my contacts here just in case: