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Consultant needed 1

I want to buy thE wowza media server as a complete package without having to own and monitor any software. Do I rent space on a server as a VPS and have the wowza media server installed. Also I want to embed a few streaming media players on my website. I would like to password approve multiple streamer and have them choose info from a API form that will be stored in my sql server.The webpage user would then do the live stream which would be saved on my server and sorted based on the info they provided prior to live streaming.

The most important part of this system would be that the site (media server)) could receive multiple input streams from multiple remote users with all types of devices-cams, phones, etc and these streams could be sent to three embedded players on my site. The player they were sent to would be based on the info they entered prior to sending the live stream. The multiple live stream then would be saved and played from a playlist as a recently made video, with the one reaching the player when it was empty go as live or maybe one or two player live only 1st come 1st serve. what if multiple users from multiple locations want to see same live stream or play same video. is this possible or given anyone’s expertise what is?

Hello @THOMAS Raffa. Based on what you wrote above, I think it’s definitely possible; but there are some things that require further clarification. Please send me an email, and I’ll be happy to discuss the project with you.

Karel Boek

Hi @THOMAS Raffa it sounds like you are looking to power a live user-generated content site and want Wowza as a part of a fully Managed Service, with an integrated video platform and perhaps the front end as well? Piksel may be able to help. Of my initial questions the one that stands out is about scale - how many “multiple input streams from multiple remote users” do you need to support?

Feel free to reach out.


Robert Coletti