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Consultant needed to set up VOD, PPM set up on my adult site

I am trying to set up a website - it involves adult content - all legal - just me and hubby but may not be something everyone would want to be linked with. We are only a small site and the content is all amateur with some non-HD and more recently HD videos.

The idea is for visitors to access the videos on a PPM basis - purchasing minutes in various incremental choices and with some recurring payment options - if that would be possible. I don’t really want the need for a membership system on top of this payment system to keep site operation clean and with as little input from customers prior to them gaining access. Ideally I do not want potential clients to leave my site to arrange the payment system and I would like them to have instant access once their payment has been taken.

I have tried to set up using the Amazon AWS system EC2 with Cloudfront and S3 storage playing on my site using Flowplayer Flash (I want my videos to be totally secure - HTML5 can’t offer that at present) - at the moment just the free version but once set up and I’m happy Flowplayer is the correct choice I will purchase a licence. I have also set up using the Wowza Devpay system but imagine once the site is set up and live I would purchase a licence - probably monthly (at least to start). I have an

account with CCBill which I would like to use for the payment processor.

As you may have noticed above I say “I have tried” as I have not been successful in getting a video to play on my site - I do appear to be able to get a video to play by clicking on the video in the S3 bucket so I think the Wowza bit is set up correctly but despite searching high and low I have no idea why I can’t play a video either on my site (which is Wordpress based) or via just creating an stand-alone HTML page as described by Flowplayer.

I would welcome any of your consultants who may be willing to work with me to quote for helping me. What I’m looking for ultimately is:

  • A website where I can run a blog to introduce/release new videos, singly, as they are produced. I am using Wordpress.

  • A page where all the released videos can be accessed with a description and ideally the ability to search for different tags/categories, say.

  • I would like each video to have a splash image, a small selection of images as you hover over timeline to ‘preview’ video, adjustable/adaptive bitrate streaming.

  • Each video to be accessable on a pay per minute basis with various price options - hopefully some of which will be recurring payments.

  • Payment via CCBill BUT would like to keep customers on my website and have instant access - i.e. use a pop up payment form which when completed closes and then client has instant access to video(s) - either automatically or by keying in a log in code they have been given on completion of the payment process - BUT within the pop up - NOT via an email. Email confirmation to client is fine but I would like this additional to the facility for instant access.

  • The ability to be able to leave some videos as free access

  • The ability to be able to create special offer coupons/discounts etc.

  • Although I don’t want customers to have to ‘join’ the site as well as complete a payment process for access I DO want to collect customer emails for marketing purposes - perhaps as part of payment process they have to provide an email address but then there is tick box to opt out of newsletter (I think that is a legal requirement in that sort of set up)

Hope that gives everyone a good idea of what I am looking for to enable you to decide if you can assist me in my endeavour and to give me a good idea of cost - I would prefer a set quote rather than on an hourly rate so I know exactly what I will be paying and my budget is fairly limited.