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Consultant Needed - Wowza IDE - Advanced Logging into MySQL and more

Background - We provide a video ecommerce system which uses Wowza for delivery. We seek to provide deeper usage and activity data to our clients which we hope to mine from the Wowza server activity. We also wish to add a play-pause-resume feature that spans devices. Both require programming using Wowza’s IDE.

We have Wowza deployed on separate servers from the ecommerce system.


  1. Enhanced Logging / MySql - We seek to have Wowza activity logs output into structured MySql database tables local to the Wowza server. Each client instance of the ecommerce system should correspond to a specific Wowza configuration to isolate client usage tracking. We wish to log in 10 second increments the basic information about each streaming session for each client.

This type of logging can be used to enable the play-pause-resume feature and will help us learn more about the viewing habits of all users.

  1. Session Metadata Injection: To tie in the session activity of users on the ecommerce platform to the streaming activity on Wowza, for each client, and each user, we need a method to “inject” additional data elements (variables) into the Wowza stream request URL which can then be used within the Wowza logging system. In this way, we can tie in the Wowza logs to the ecommerce sessions by client and user. We will have three variables - Client_ID, Site_ID and Session_ID.

We suspect this requires a small application built using wowza’s IDE, and some JDBC work. We wish to hire a consultant to build this, and then work with us ongoing to improve it over time.


As an experienced developer and Wowza consultant, I can help you build this. I’ll be happy to discuss the case further with you, and ready to build a long-lasting cooperation. Please contact me on Skype (ID: karelboek), or by email.

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek