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Consuming Audio Streams from Wowza Servers in iPhone Apps


I am a total newbie to the Wowza world so bear with me. We are building an iPhone app that will play a wide variety of music radio stations. The basic requirement is stream the audio and display song info(Artist name and Song title). We have the app currently working with most HTTP audio based streams like ShoutCAST and IceCAST. However, the unique setup for Wowza audio streams are posing a bit of challenge. Many of our clients use Wowza. Question is: what is the best way to extract metadata from streams produced by Wowza? My understanding it uses the RTMP protocol. What configurations setting should our clients use to send the stream to us with the artist and song title information?

Thanks in advance.


It’s possible to convert onTextData events to ID3 tags which Apple devices should be able to use. Please see this article for details on how to do this.