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Continuity error on stream target using MPEG TS, UDP unicast h.264

Hi support members,

For the moment we are looking for some support on the following;
We are using Wowza Streaming server Version 4.8 on our own Windows 2016 server for some 4 months now. Main applications are live streaming local television and vod streaming.

Wowza player is used to allow viewing our h.264 mp4 television stream. Occasionaly we stream to Facebook and or Youtube.

Now we are expanding to a cable TV CDN to improve coverage in our region. For that new application we need to transmit our MP4 live stream to a stream target using MPEG TS, UDP unicast h.264.

We are facing some issues;
Our IPTV video monitoring program (streamGuru) is detecting and reporting packet loss by monitoring a continuity count Error.

We dont know how we can solve this issue, therefore we would like to hire some specialis wo is able to solve this issue. Please send us a message as well the cost.

Manny thanks in advance.

Hi @Jan van de Beek I see you opened a ticket on this and that this could be an issue with too many packets being sent out in bursts. I’ll keep you updated when we have more information on this issue. Thanks

Thanks for your reply. For the moment we have set up an extra test wowza environment to test some values.
it looks like that we are getting there…
Keep you posted