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Controlling when a stream file is active


I’m hoping to find a solution to this. I have multi cameras that are providing a rtmp stream which i’m using wowza via a stream file and liverepeater to push to other stream targets. These cameras will switch between live video and a splash screen when that are not live but the feed from the camera is constant. Is there a way to turn off the liverepeater when the camera switches to the splash screen and then turn back on when the camera goes live?

Or is there a way via wowza to schedule when select stream targets are enabled? or when select stream files are enabled ?

Also just to clarify i’m using Wowza Streaming Engine On-Premise

Thank You for your help

Take a look at the Wowza REST API for managing stream targets. You can use the REST API calls via scheduler/cron or other workflows to enable/disable stream targets. For whatever reason it wont let me post wowza rest API URL here.