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Convert and Stream to android supported format

Hello Friends

iam having a problem playing media files in android.How can i do this using wowza media server.

Anyone got an idea.


Follow these guides:

Use this test page to see if a device will work (not all devices/networks will work)


Actually, the primary guide for this case (video on demand) is here:

You will see RTSP specific steps in this (and other) tutorial for configuration and playback.



You should be able to Flash HTTP streaming to a Flash 10.1 application on the recent Android devices, or RTMP streaming.



is there way to enable http (not rtsp) stream for Android ? Maybe something like with rtmp and rtmpt ?

I have specific issue when i see RTSP stream works on Androids from certain carrier only (AT&T) and does not work on another (Verizon) while devices have exactly same OS version (2.2 Froyo).

I have an account with Influxis CDN (they are FMS based) and after doing basic mobile stream config - they provide one http link for the live stream for all mobile devices and indeed it does work even on Verizon Android phone which did not play RTSP link from my Wowza server.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!