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Convert rtmp to rtsp

Almost all article talking about rtsp to rtmp, but i’m asking about rtmp to rtsp.

I set up a rtmp server using nginx so I can streaming video from GoPro.

And now I want to convert the rtmp streaming to rtsp in order to integration with my surveillance CMS.

Any rtmp to rtsp conversion function in Wowza?

Yes. You can have your RTMP stream head into Wowza Streaming engine and have your surveillance CMS system connect to Wowza Streaming Engine via RTSP feed. For example.

This is from your live source:


This is how it would be played back via RTSP:


You can also have Wowza Streaming Engine connect to IP cameras and distribute as you see fit. Below is an article on how to do that.

OK, so

I stream to the wowsa server via


Stream name is 8601Stream.

The viewers presently watch the stream from http://8222ES-FMS/8601Broadcast

We would like to have the stream displayed on our digital signage that only takes RTSP streams.

What would be the rtsp stream address? rtsp:// ???

If you are pulling the stream as RTMP as you say @Peter Whipps, then the stream to play back via rtsp would be:


Let me know how that goes…

what confuse me is " wowza-address" how do I find this?

Oh sure, I can help you with that. So, in your Engine Manager when you create a streaming application, it will give you on the right side a HOST_SERVER address ( the numbers ) and below that the port number and stream name. I will give you an example. One moment and I will post a picture…

It is from this doc- the video tutorial: see the Host-Server to the right? That is the Wowza address.