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Cookie support in players for content with token authentication protection.

We’ve just received an email letting us know that “from June 18, 2019, all player applications will require support for cookies to continue delivery of content protected with token authentication” and to add the boolean “withCredentials” option set to true to our player configuration.

We have added this option and set it to true on all instances of our player (JWPlayer 8) on our development server, however when I attempt to play the test stream provided, I get a 200 response for the playlist manifest (playlist.m3u8), but then a 403 error for the chunk list (chunklist.m3u8) in addition to a “Cannot load M3U8: You do not have permission to access this content” error in our player window.

I’m not sure if this is something I’m doing wrong, or a problem with JWPlayer or potentially something with the test stream provided in the email, but we really need to have this working ASAP, since June 18 isn’t too far away!

For anyone else experiencing this issue - I can confirm that the test stream provided does in fact work and that Privacy Badger, a Chrome extension I had installed, was blocking the cookie. Once this extension was removed, everything worked as expected.