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CORS Support for HLS stream

I have a live stream setup in Wowza streaming cloud using the Wowza gocoder app on an android device. I am currently trying to use HLS url to play the live stream in a custom html5 player, however i am getting CORS errors in my browser.

Going through the live stream setup settings, i don’t see an option to enable CORS support for the stream, so does wowza cloud support CORS.


I am sorry you are having this issue with the CORS error. At this time, Wowza Streaming Cloud does not have CORS support, however, it is on the roadmap and we do hope to have it available in the near future. Unfortunately, I do not have an actual release date or specific timeline to provide you. I would suggest checking this page regularly for the latest Wowza Streaming Cloud updates.

I hope this helps.



Hello raul__.

I has not been implemented yet.



Hi! Is CORS support available on Wowza Streaming Cloud now?