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Cost Estimation for wowza streaming engine instance in AWS

Hi guys,

We are developing an live streaming App and we would like to seek some help to get a cost estimation.

We’re going to have 5k active users per month. Number of live stream will be 2500 per month.

Each livestream will have an average of 120 minutes. And each livestream will have an average of 50 viewers.

Each viewer will view each livestream for an average of 60 minutes.

Can you please help us to suggest a cost estimate per month? Or help us with an formula to calculate the cost.

Thank you very much



Hello Minh,

Thank you for contacting Wowza Support. Upon review, we have determined that your request would best be handled by our Sales Team. Please e-mail our sales team at for general product or pre-sales questions, volume pricing, or partnership opportunities.