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Could anyboay know how to mix live and video on demand content by Stream class ?


I want to use Stream class for mixing live and video on demand content ---- follow by

so I created a file [install-dir]/content/streamschedule.smil,

p1 is a file(it worked) but p2(hdtv is a live stream published to the same wowza media server’s application live , it is not a file) and p3(same as p2) was not work

quickly looking at the above you have set each p item to repeat, so even if it starts it will probably just loop and never go to the next item, although given it is a schedule it should move to the next item, so you would need to look deeper.

You should see some output in your access.log file relating to this configuration and it may say which file it is playing and any errors encountered.


Also, the “start” value for a live stream must be “-2”

<video src="rtmp://" start="-2" length="-1"/>

I took out the “mp4:” prefix, you don’t need it in this case.

I might work better to make on playlist.


You have a typo. “defins” should be “definst

For testing, make sure the schedule is in the past so it starts right away.


Richard! Thanks for your reply. and thanks Shamrock!

I changed [install-dir]/content/streamschedule.smil as follow and restart wowoza media server, It works!

but with follow config, it is not to work!!