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could not open camera in moto g and samsung s6

Hi all

i have a problem when I start stream from wowza cloud platform through goCoder SDK then camera doesn’t open in Moto g and Samsung s6 that time but when I switch the camera then both camera work proper (back and front). In other word Initial time doesn’t open any side.

Can you provide more detail on your workflow? What are your settings for cameraView?

Also, were you able to play the sample app with no issue? If you can, then that will tell us that it’s not the device but something in your config is incorrect. Your sample app is available in your GoCoder SDK download.

Also, please see our GitHub examples for reference.

These are the attributes I am using in my xml file.

and using startPreview() method of WOWZCameraView instance to start the camera in onResume method of Activity and as far as Sampleapp is concerned, I am able to start the camera without any issues.

wowza:scaleMode="fill" />

Any Help regarding the issue??

It is very important for me to fix this issue as earliest as possible.

Hello @Gudmundur Sigurdsson

I have responded in the support ticket you created.

Looking forward to resolving this camera issue you’re seeing.