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Could not push live stream from local server to Wowza cloud


By following the tutorial, I have successfully streaming

video from my smartphone to other devices via the Wowza Engine installed on a local machine. Now I want to test with Wowza Cloud so that

videos can be streamed over Internet. The address of my stream is: rtsp://

I have finished the setup on the both parts Wowza Engine (local machine) and Wowza Streaming Cloud based on this instruction: (the stream source of mine is Wowza Streaming Engine).

The connectionCode is correctly filled in the following line

live={profile:“wowza-streaming-cloud”, connectionCode:“22f75d”, debugLog: “true”, debugLogChildren:“true”}

of the file PushPublishMap.txt at $WOWZA_HOME/conf/.

When starting the stream on Wowza Streaming Cloud page, I could not see the video but “No Video Detected”

The frame size of recording source and the cloud is set at 1280 x 720. (It works well with my local devices).

I am not sure whether the engine is pushing my stream up to the cloud or not. I watched log files in $WOWZA_HOME/logs but

see nothing relevant to that. I am wondering whether a local Wowza engine can push to the cloud, or any other cause…


The pushpublishmap is case sensitive. Also, be sure your incoming stream to your Wowza Streaming Engine name matches the stream name in the path. For example, if using WireCast, the stream name is myStream, then the path would begin with "myStream= ".

Please correct your path to the following and try it again:

live={Profile:“wowza-streaming-cloud”, connectionCode:“22f75d”, debugLog:“true”}




At this point your issue would be better suited if a member of the Support Team could work this issue with you via a support request. Please send an email to and reference this forum post.

Can you please send a copy of the following folders as a .zip (or other archive):



If you are not sure how to get this information please see this tutorial.

We would like to take closer look at your configuration and log files and get a better understanding of what is happening on your server and why you are noticing this behavior.




I am looking into this an alternative way to push from wowza engine to wowza cloud would be:

you should first go into your wowza cloud stream setup.

  1. make sure it is set to “other rtmp push”

  2. copy the Source Connection Informations into the PushPublishMap.txt from your wowza server like:

android_test={profile:“rtmp”, streamName:“xxxxx”, host:“”, userName:“xxxxx”, password:“xxxxx”}

  1. make sure your application is set for the push publish module and restart it.

thanks Philipp

I have not detected the cause. I publish the tream from my android phone to Wowza Stream Engine at URL: rtsp://

I could watch live streaming from the engine on my local PC at: (the embedded JW player access the stream at rtmp://

So I guess the stream name is “android_test”?! The push configuration therefore is:

android_test={Profile:“wowza-streaming-cloud”, connectionCode:“22f75d”, debugLog:“true”}

The “No video detected” keep occuring, and the playback is loading for ever.