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Create a secondary stream


Is it possible to set up a backup stream, which can be automatically used if the primary stream failed.

Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


You can add RTMP-based stream sources to custom transcoders, creating a layer of redundancy. If one source stream fails, Wowza Streaming Cloud continues to receive and process the source video on the additional, backup stream source, ensuring that playback continues uninterrupted for your viewers. In addition, when you use multiple stream sources you can restart one of your transcoders while your stream continues to run on the other, again without disruption to your viewers.

More information on how to set this up is available in this article:

How to build a redundant workflow by using a stream source

I do hope this clarifies and helps.



Hi there,

The above link no longer works. Is there any more info on how to create redundant workflow for Wowza Streaming Cloud?



Hello, this topic is very relevant to me. Can we get an update on how to do this with Wowza streaming cloud?

Thank you, Greg
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Hello @Gregory_Vass, thanks for posting and I can help you out. Streaming Cloud does not offer an option for a redundant streaming workflow, that’s why you’re not finding any documentation on that. What people do is set up a second stream source and have that configured and ready to go if the first one fails for some reason.

Let me explain that a bit more. We don’t have a solution other than setting up two transcoders for stream targets, so if one fails the second transcoder could be used. This can result in additional charges as far as egress though so i would suggest reaching out to to discuss your options for pricing here. It’s only available through Akamai stream targets and not Fastly.

here is the doc: