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Create Facebook Stream via API


I want to establish a stream to Facebook but with my own oAuth procedure

My Streamtarget Looks like this

The error log says

PushPublishRTMP.internalConnect[rtmp://rtmp://]: couldn’t connect with host rtmp://

when I remove the “rtmp://” from the Destination host, the Connections Fails but without any log entry

Any suggestions?




Certainly the first error is due to the malformed URL. In Destination Host you just need to enter the hostname without the rtmp://. As for why it fails when the host is correct, that’s difficult to say without seeing more debug. Have you enabled Debug Log for the stream target? Also as I’m sure you know we have a built-in Facebook stream target profile now which handles all of the authentication side of things. I would recommend you use that if possible. It may still be possible to publish to Facebook using a generic RTMP stream target but we don’t have any specific workflow for that outside of what you are setting up.

If the problem continues and you have been able to capture more diagnostics then please consider opening a support ticket and we can take a deeper look.



Hello Robert did you make any headway with this? I’m trying to do something similar. I hope to hear from you soon.



now Facebook use SSL
how to stream by RTMPS in Wowza

Wowza Streaming Engine supports RTMPS when using stream targets, but you need to add the value “sendSSL” as shown in the article below.

From the article:

sendSSL Set to true to enable Wowza Streaming Engine to send secure streams to the stream target destination (default is false).

You can also create a Stream Target and add the “sendSSL” option via our REST API as shown in our documentation below.

While sendSSL does allow you to use rtmps as the default URL to select, you should not need to add it to a Facebook stream target to do rtmps since the stream target automatically chooses the rtmps URL that Facebook provides…

Please let me know if this answers your question.