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Create generic adaptive bitrate group

Hello everyone, I’m searching if there is a way to create a “generic” group to let work adaptive bitrate (with HLS) on one single stream target.

I’ll try to explain better:
I’ve a single stream target “myStream”.
I have to push on my CDN different HLS variant: “myStream_1”, “myStream_2”, “myStream_3” and go on.

Now, myStream is not always the correct name, live streaming are created and name will be different everytime a new live streaming will be created.

1st solution i got, is to create different stream targets, each one for the specified version (by giving the source created from encoder).

I want to know:

  1. there is a way to change PushPublishMap.txt in an “agnostic”? So every stream name will be managed in the same way as specified there (like said before, stream name will change everytime)?
  2. If not, there is a way to create and remove everytime I want a specified group from REST API? (with cURL)?

Thank you if it’s not clear, please ask me some details.

Apparently you’re working with a CDN where you have to push the stream; maybe Wowza Cloud? If you have a CDN that can pull the stream from your Origin, you wouldn’t have this problem.

Anyway, are you looking for a feature that can automatically start pushing your stream to the CDN, then you could consider a custom module. Some time ago I created a module “pushAll” that programmatically pushed the stream to the CDN when a new stream was created on the server.

Thank you Karel,
I have to push stream on Akamai.

Problem is that I can push correctly streams, but can’t generate/push the master playlist with childs.

My first choice would be to switch to pull if that’s possible. But otherwise you could create a master playlist with full (that is: non-relative) URLs to the chunklist (child playlists), and push it to Akamai separately (via a Wowza custom module or outside of Wowza), or host that playlist on a separate link. Kind of clumsy, but should work.

Thank you Karel, this is exactly how I was suppose to work to solve the problem if wowza doesn’t manage “automatically” the generation of master playlist without additional modules.

I will proceed in this direction :smiley: