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Create nDvr Store for Incomming stream

I used the trial version of dev
When I create a new stream and it’s running.
I run 4 streams at the same time. Incoming Streams has 4 streams, but only 3 have dvr.
Is that a limitation for the trial version.
I want to confirm this issue for an upcoming project. Because we need to run multiple streams at the same time and need corresponding dvr for each stream

You’re correct, the trial license only allow 3 incoming stream sources. Upgrading to a paid license will allow you to publish as many streams as possible.


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I have 1 more problem with nDVR.
When I created stream, first day after 1 or 2 second 1 file m4fv was created.
But After few day, after 5 minutes it creates a file m4fv.
So my playback with dvr is jumping from 0min-5min-10min. Instead of 0s-1s-2s-…-10s

Why did you change the dvrChunkDurationMinimum to 1000? This may not be the issue, I’m just curious.

Please post your DVR settings from Application.xml or a screenshot from Wowza Streaming Engine Manager.